Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Welcome to the New Nazi Germany

America looks more and more like those old black-and-white WWII movies on late-night TV.
The Nazis were the ultimate bad guys.
Stop you in the street on any whim and demand your "papers."
Frisk you (especially if you're an attractive female).
Kick your door down and drag you out in the middle of the night.
No warrants, no lawyers, no rights at all.
Lock you up.
Torture you.
Make you disappear.

We used to watch that in the movies and growl at them, "Those no-good bastards!"

Well, here we are.
Now we're nazi Germany.

The TSA procedures have ONLY ONE PURPOSE: to train you to obey whatever they tell you without question, to make you believe that's how it SHOULD be, and MUST be.
That's the purpose of ALL militarized "law enforcement."
"Serve and protect" is obsolete.

And these new brownshirts will go on doing this -- and worse -- until we start making it more dangerous for them, than they make it for us.

Fight back.

While you still can.


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