Thursday, October 27, 2011

International Equestrian Federation to Approve Horse Torture


The FEI are voting on November 11th in Rio that BLOOD dripping from horses mouths is OK in competition!!!

The German FN and Sjef Janssen agree with this ~ WHY??? ~ So they can WIN medals by openly abusing their horses, (tighter nosebands, harder hands, grinding teeth, horses biting themselves from pressure and tension). Dressage is supposed to be harmonious, relaxed with the horse in self carriage, remember?

Kyra Kyrklund is against it, as is Monica Theodorescu, Philippe Karl & Bea Borelle, Ingrid Klimke, Christine Stuckelberger and many many more...

Today you can voice up and sign the 10,000+ strong petition and its gaining momentum ~
SIGN it now, here:~

Go and join the FACEBOOK page of Claudia Sanders which is gaining unreal support.

Personally, I think anyone who bloodies a horse's mouth should get a little bloody themselves, and I'd be more than happy to arrange that. What a completely despicable idea.
Thanks to Frank Bell for sending this information along.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Serve & Protect?

In "the land of the free" when the People exercise a Constitutionally-guaranteed right to peaceably assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances, how does the government respond?

Once again the police are used as bully-boys, and they seem to enjoy the role.
Serve and Protect.
Serve the rich.
Protect the powerful.

Oakland cops, you're a disgrace.


Saturday, October 22, 2011


Does the word "gestapo" ring a bell???

You're next.


No Torture. Period.

Sent this email to Canadian Attorney General Robert Nicholson regarding Dubya's jaunt north.
You might want to say something, too. Hey, you never know....

Subject: Former US President George Bush

Dear Sir:

In case it has escaped your notice, I regret to report that my beloved country has gone down a terrible path for the last decade.

Mr. George Bush, as President, led the charge into hell by lying us into an illegal and immoral war against peoples who had done us no harm. Mr. Bush also, by his own admission, ordered the torture of certain persons, a violation of US law --- and Canadian Law, too, if I understand correctly.

I regret to further inform you that our current president and congress are either too corrupt, too stupid, or too cowardly to enforce the law and bring the smug Mr. Bush to justice for either murder or torture. Yet it is imperative that no such criminal be afforded any place of refuge anywhere on earth.

Therefore, I must beseech you, our traditional good neighbor and friend, not to hesitate to enforce your own laws as they pertain to the villainous Mr. Bush, but, indeed, to pursue justice in this case with all the vigor and determination it deserves.

Torturing even a guilty person is inexcusable.
But If you think, for just a moment, of the horror of torturing persons who were, no doubt, completely innocent of any wrong-doing, surely the outrage and disgust any decent human being must feel at such a prospect will goad your conscience into action.

Thank you very much.



Thursday, October 20, 2011

Obama Belongs... the joint.
He can have a cell right next to Dubya and Cheney.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rigged Games

I used to play poker a little. Not so much any more.

I favored draw poker.

Poker’s basically like this:

You get dealt some cards – everybody gets the same number.

You get a chance to swap some cards – everybody gets that chance.

Then you take the cards you’ve got in your hand and you try to make a winning hand out of it.

Either you’ve got better cards than everyone else – or you can make everyone else think you’ve got better cards.

Sometimes a guy with “good cards” doesn’t know how to play them, and so he loses, while a guy with not such “good cards” plays them very well and wins.

There’s really no such thing as a “winning hand.”

Any hand can be a winning hand; any hand can be a losing hand. It’s all in how you play your cards.

You have to put up some money in order to have a chance to win. That’s the “ante” and it goes in the pot. Then you go around and guys bet on the hand they have.

Then they discard some cards and draw new ones, hoping to improve their hand.

And then there’s another round of betting.

You can keep up with the bets, or you can fold – in which case you sacrifice all that you’ve put in so far.

If you play your cards well, you win the pot, however much or however little it is.

If you win the pot, you keep the money.

If you don’t win the pot, you lose your money.

Fair and square, right?


Now imagine this:

You’ve got five guys at the table and maybe another 5 guys waiting for a turn to play or watching. Maybe at a classy game there are a couple of guys serving drinks and munchies to the players. Maybe some female admirers, too. Or, hell, some male admirers, for that matter.

Now this one particular guy has a funny take on the game.

First of all, he doesn’t want to ante-up. Instead of taking 10 bucks out of his own wallet to get in the game, he has this Big Thug with him – his “bodyguard,” he says. Huge beefy Neanderthal, armed to the teeth. And he sends this goon around the room to make everybody ELSE chip in for his ante.

Then, when he wins, he keeps the pot, all right. But when he loses, he sends his “bodyguard” around to make everyone ELSE chip in to cover his losses.

HOW he wins is a little creative, too. When HE’S holding a straight flush, he agrees that a straight flush beats 4-of-a-kind. But when HE’S holding the 4-of-a-kind, he claims that it beats a straight flush – and his Bodyguard is there to make sure everyone “plays by the rules.”

It’s no surprise that, by the end of the evening, this guy comes out way ahead.

Now it’s customary for everyone to chip in to cover things like food, booze and entertainment, and leave a nice tip for the servers and clean-up crew. Naturally, the biggest winner is expected to graciously chip in extra, maybe say to the biggest loser “hey, it’s on me this time.”

But not THIS guy.

He’s tossed down as much hooch as anybody else, and stuffed himself on chips, sandwiches and egg rolls. But he doesn’t kick in one lousy dime. Not even a tip for the servers or the entertainment. He leaves it to everyone ELSE to cover it.

He does pay his “bodyguard” well, though. You can see why.

And then, to add insult to injury, this guy crows about what a great card-player he is and tells the rest of us that, if we lost money in the game, it’s our own fault for not being as good a gambler as he is.

Maybe I’m too simple. But it seems to me that this is the same rigged game the big corporations, and the bankers, and their ilk are running on the rest of us – that 99% of us who play the game fair and square.

The rich guys get all kinds of breaks and favors from the government (their bodyguard) that we’re forced to chip in for or ELSE. It’s called “taxes.”

Then the rules flex and change to favor the rich guys – enforced by the government bodyguard, of course.

The rich guy enjoys all the “common” things that we all use – but never chips in to pay for any of it. When he makes money, he keeps it; when he loses money, he gets “bailed out” with our coerced tax money.

And then he has the nerve to claim he’s a “self-made” man.

Me, I wouldn’t stay in a rigged game. Would you?

I wouldn’t invite that guy back, either.

Might even have a quiet chat with him sometime.

Without his bodyguard around.

You follow?


Monday, October 17, 2011

Good Cop, Bad Cop

I don't hesitate to point it out when a cop is stupid, crooked, brutal or otherwise unworthy to wear the badge and have the respect and trust of the People.

So I have to do the flip side of that, too.
When a cop does the right thing, is honest, and actually does "serve and protect" someone other than the rich an powerful, I have to stand up and salute.

This makes TWICE in the last week or so.
Could it be the start of a trend?
Probably not.
But wouldn't that be great?


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Finding the Path

My friend Kim just lent me a copy of this dvd and I watched it this morning.
If you're involved with horses in any way, I strongly recommend it to you.


Friday, October 14, 2011

Makes a Damn Good Point

So far Congressman Paul is the only candidate who's talking about ending the wars.
That's enough to get my vote right there.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

One Good Cop

This photo suggest that there might be at least one good cop out there.

Every police officer takes some kind of an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

The Constitution is the supreme law of the land and trumps any state or local law that conflicts with it.

If police officers kept their word and honored that oath, they would not be attacking people who exercise their Constitutionally-guaranteed right to peaceably assemble and petition for redress of grievances -- they'd be protecting them.

Yeah. I'd pay big bucks to see that.


Be Part of the Solution

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Connecting the Dots...

When you make up your suspect list, you'd definitely want to look into these "persons of interest."


Friday, October 7, 2011

I've Got a Little List....

I don't know that the "Occupy Wall Street" movement has come up with a list of demands yet, but if they're stumped for ideas, I've got a couple.
If I were King of the Forest, or at least, President of the United States, these are the things I would do either immediately or within my first 100 days.

  1. Cease Fire, Stand Down, Fall back. Cease military ops in all countries. Bring all troops home from Iraq & Afghanistan. Close all foreign bases and bring troops home. Re-direct military budget to humanitarian use at home first, then globally as possible – with no strings attached.

  1. End the Federal Reserve Banking system. Return money-coining to Congress as per the Constitution.

  1. Prosecute GW Bush et al for violations of the law: murder, torture, fraud, civil rights.

  1. Prosecute and Impeach B. Obama et al for violations of the law: murder, torture, civil rights.

  1. Implement single-payer national healthcare

  1. Implement run-off voting system using verifiable paper ballots

  1. Impeach the several Supreme Court Justices for high crimes re: Gore v. Bush and People United

  1. Dismantle the TSA. Prosecute TSA officials for civil rights violations.

  1. Dismantle the Department of Homeland Security. Prosecute DHS officials as appropriate for civil rights violations. Cease and desist all surveillance on any person unless a proper warrant is issued (not a FISA “warrant”) by a judge in accordance with the 4th amendment.

  1. Break the Republican/Democrat monopoly on elections. Open elections to multiple parties and independents.

  1. Pare military down to minimum necessary on-call defensive force.

  1. Re-tool the weapons industry for peaceful ends. Criminalize the sale of military hardware outside the US.

  1. De-militarize the police. Eliminate SWAT teams. Prosecute officers for violations of the law. Establish civilian review boards with subpoena power and authority to suspend, fire and/or send cases to D.A. for prosecution.

  1. Stand-down the “Drug War.” Pardon and release all non-violent drug offenders. Cease and desist prosecutions for possession, use and/or sale of drugs and decriminalize drug use.

  1. Establish an Ethics Division of the FBI and prosecute government employees for violations where conflicts of interest appear, eliminating the revolving door between government officials and the industries they are employed to oversee.

  1. Eliminate corporate welfare and support small-business entrepreneurs with no-interest start-up capital.

  1. Establish a fair tax system. Either everybody pays or nobody does. Allow tax-payers to ear-mark how their taxes will be used. Streamline the tax code and eliminate the IRS.

I'd love to hear them. None of us is as smart as all of us together.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

If Only

...and take their jobs and use up their resources, too.

Too bad the Indians didn't treat the Euros the way the Euros treat everybody else.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Right On the Money

I may disagree on a couple of details regarding the role of the federal government vis-a-vis the role of state government, but what this lad has to say about the Federal Reserve Bank is solidly on point.


Monday, October 3, 2011


Another "dirty" "hippie" at the Wall Street protest.
All the king's horses and all the king's name-calling can't obscure the fact that the protest is a broad-based popular demonstration by the "99%" who, despite their many differences, all definitely have ONE thing in common: getting screwed by the 1%.


Thanks to VVAW for sending along this photo.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Murder is Murder

ACLU Statement on Killing of Anwar Al-Aulaqi

WASHINGTON - September 30 - U.S. airstrikes in Yemen today killed Anwar Al-Aulaqi, an American citizen who has never been charged with any crime.

ACLU Deputy Legal Director Jameel Jaffer said, "The targeted killing program violates both U.S. and international law. As we've seen today, this is a program under which American citizens far from any battlefield can be executed by their own government without judicial process, and on the basis of standards and evidence that are kept secret not just from the public but from the courts. The government's authority to use lethal force against its own citizens should be limited to circumstances in which the threat to life is concrete, specific and imminent. It is a mistake to invest the President – any President – with the unreviewable power to kill any American whom he deems to present a threat to the country."

ACLU National Security Project Litigation Director Ben Wizner said, "Outside the theater of war, the use of lethal force is lawful only as a last resort to counter an imminent threat of deadly attack. Based on the administration's public statements, the program that the President has authorized is far more sweeping. If the Constitution means anything, it surely means that the President does not have unreviewable authority to summarily execute any American whom he concludes is an enemy of the state."

More information on the government's targeted killing policy is available at:

Am I the only one who sees the bitter irony in this?
So much has been made of Obama being the first black (though actually mixed-race) President.
And now Obama espouses the ethos of the lynch mob -- no charges, no trial, just string 'em up on "suspicion" of --- well, suspicion of exactly what is not quite clear.

Surely murder is a sufficient reason to impeach the bastard, don't you think?


King Obama


Here's a great song from Jordan Page.
It picks up my spirits to hear young guys writing this kind of stuff.
Time to step up, man.

I hope you dig it.