Friday, January 11, 2013

Just Plain ZERO

I may not be Captain Hook,but I know a crock when I hear one.

And ZERO DARK THIRTY is just about the biggest crock to come along in a long, long time --- and that's really saying something considering how stiff the competition has been lately.

"Greatest Manhunt in history?" 
Yeah. Right. 
To start with they were hunting for a guy who was reported to have died of kidney failure in 2001.  And why were they hunting for him? Because he was accused of being responsible for the World Trade Center arson-murders of Sept 11, 2001. 
How do we know he was guilty? 
Because George Bush and Barack Obama say he was guilty, that's why.
The evidence?  Well, there really isn't any, at least, none you can call "evidence," and still keep a straight face.
But, hey who needs evidence, anymore?

So let's suppose Osama bin Laden really was guilty.
Do we extradite the bastard and put him on trial for the crime of the century? 
Do we show our civilized dedication to the rule of law, respecting the rights even of someone we despise?
Certainly not.
We just send a hit squad in to kill him --- you know, like the President will do to you, too if he doesn't like what he thinks you might be up to.
Oh, yeah, and then they dump the body in the ocean before anyone has a chance to positively identify the deceased.
Oh, Yeah, and then 22 of the witnesses - members of Seal Team 6 who allegedly "got" bin Ladin -- get killed in a helicopter crash...
I mean, seriously, after all the lies the government has told us over last 12 years, how much of a complete moron would you have to be to buy any part of this story?
It staggers the imagination.

But apparently Kathryn Bigelow, whose previous piece of celluloid crap was The Hurt Locker, is staggering all the way to the bank, having decided she's going to be a cheerleader for Obama and American fascism the way that Leno Riefenstahl was for Hitler and German fascism. 
In case you're not certain, I don't mean that as a compliment.

Ever wonder where the production money comes from for junk like this? And all the help the film-maker gets from the Pentagon?  You think anybody making an anti-war film would get that kind of cooperation? 
Hollywood has always cranked out government propaganda. But lately it really has become unabashedly Pentagon West, and Headquarters for PsyOps targeting the American People.

They'll probably give Kathryn Bigelow a medal. 
She'll deserve that as much as she deserves that Oscar


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