Friday, December 27, 2013

Between Rounds

The more involved you are involved the resistance, the more deeply you commit, the more time and energy you spend in that fight -- the more important it becomes to find balance with the beauty and grace of the sweet things in life:

To be awed by the splendor of a sunrise, feel the first breeze awaken on your cheek as the pre-dawn birds are tuning up;

To dance naked in the rain feeling the earth under your feet;

To lose yourself in the embrace of a lover, and by losing yourself, rediscover yourself;

To hear the music of the world and join in the chorus with the unique harmony that's in your heart;

To feast on good simple food, to feel a bite of liquor do a fire dance in your mouth and down into your belly, spread its warmth through you like a flash flood of molten joy;

To be in the serene and majestic company of horses, who, no matter what their condition, retain their nobility even unto death;

To sing loudly and dance freely, to feel great melancholy and great mirth, to love deeply and hate deeply, to win a long shot and to lose everything but heart -- and to fight hard, fight  with  everything you've got for freedom and for justice and never, ever, EVER surrender.

That's the way to live.

Just my opinion, of course.


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