Monday, March 14, 2011

Fighting Dragons

One thing for certain:
Power without accountability
is a guaranteed formula
for tyranny.

Whether we're talking about a head of state or some jackass whose buddies "elected" him fire chief of a jerkwater town, you can bet that if there's no accountability, that fool will turn into a strutting little emperor faster than you can say "Caligula."

So tomorrow, I will sally forth to do battle with the forces of evil.
I expect to lose.

The good guys always lose.
The bad guys are willing to lie, to cheat, to do whatever it takes for them to win.
The good guys aren't willing to do that.

The good guys don't eye-gouge, elbow, hit below the belt or bite your ear.
The good guys play it fair and square, no matter what the bad guys do.
The good guys believe that the truth must prevail.

If I can't win with the truth, I don't want to "win" some other way.
But -- in case you haven't noticed -- the truth has taken a real beating, is way behind on points, and may not survive the championship rounds.

Go down, swinging.


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