Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Most DIS-couraging Thing I've Seen Lately

Here's a good example of why I prefer the company of horses to the company of human beings.
These foaming-at-the-mouth pseudo-patriots are so ignorant that they don't know

1. That "God" and "Allah" are the same deity
2. That the US Constitution doesn't say "One nation under God" anywhere in it
3. That the Constitution they love so much -- but apparently have never READ -- guarantees religious freedom for all people within its jurisdiction -- which is anywhere that flag flies
4. That the people that they are screaming at to go "home" ARE home; they are Americans
5. That the "evil" these alleged "terrorists" are engaged in is raising money to support homeless shelters.
6. That there are a hell of a lot more white "Christian" terrorists than Muslim ones.

Not a single one of these morons is worthy of mucking out my horse's stall.

God help America.


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