Thursday, August 25, 2011

Only Fools and Liars Blame Muslims

1. There is no respectable evidence that "Muslim Terrorists" were involved in the 911 disaster. None. There are only accusations.

2. The koran, like the bible, can be misinterpreted. Odds are, there are a few Muslim loonies around, because there certainly are some Christian loonies and some Jewish loonies. But most Muslims, like most Christians and most Jews are not rabid "fundamentalists (whatever the hell THAT really means) who want to either convert or kill everyone else on earth.

3. In my personal experience, I've known some rotten sob's who claimed to be Christians. And some rotten sob's who were Jews. So far I haven't known very many Muslims -- a dozen or so -- but I haven't had a beef with any of them. I suppose if I get to know more Muslims, I'll I find a few rotten sob's among them, too.

4. ALL religions are either equally valid or equally invalid, because they all try to give answers to questions that nobody really knows the answers to.

Anyone, no matter what sex, race, religion or etc who loves freedom and justice and is willing to stand up for liberty --- not just for themselves, but for EVERYONE -- is ok in my book.

And especially if they also love horses.


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