Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Under New Management

Just the other day, Autumn showed up.
She slipped in quietly, early in the morning, sipped steaming hot coffee as she watched Summer shuffling papers from one pile to another and back again.
She shook her head slowly.
Checked her watch.
Set her red and gold ceramic mug down on the corner of the desk, clanking it down loudly enough for Summer to notice and look up.

"Did you think you had forever to get that stuff done? Autumn asked. It wasn't really a question.
"Well....I...Um...see I....Uh......"
"I understand. Consider this your notice. Start clearing out your desk."

Autumn stepped out, leaving her coffee mug behind the way adventurers used to plant their flag to claim new territory.
It was still, technically, Summer's office.
But it effectively belonged to Autumn now.

Summer could hear the echo of new boss's high-heels clacking down the corridor outside.


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