Saturday, October 22, 2011

No Torture. Period.

Sent this email to Canadian Attorney General Robert Nicholson regarding Dubya's jaunt north.
You might want to say something, too. Hey, you never know....

Subject: Former US President George Bush

Dear Sir:

In case it has escaped your notice, I regret to report that my beloved country has gone down a terrible path for the last decade.

Mr. George Bush, as President, led the charge into hell by lying us into an illegal and immoral war against peoples who had done us no harm. Mr. Bush also, by his own admission, ordered the torture of certain persons, a violation of US law --- and Canadian Law, too, if I understand correctly.

I regret to further inform you that our current president and congress are either too corrupt, too stupid, or too cowardly to enforce the law and bring the smug Mr. Bush to justice for either murder or torture. Yet it is imperative that no such criminal be afforded any place of refuge anywhere on earth.

Therefore, I must beseech you, our traditional good neighbor and friend, not to hesitate to enforce your own laws as they pertain to the villainous Mr. Bush, but, indeed, to pursue justice in this case with all the vigor and determination it deserves.

Torturing even a guilty person is inexcusable.
But If you think, for just a moment, of the horror of torturing persons who were, no doubt, completely innocent of any wrong-doing, surely the outrage and disgust any decent human being must feel at such a prospect will goad your conscience into action.

Thank you very much.



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