Thursday, November 3, 2011

From 0-90 in 2 Seconds

This clip hits a nerve in me.
I can't stand bullies. I go from zero to "off the scale" on the anger-ometer in about half a heartbeat.
Maybe because, as a child I was subjected to the same kind of thing.
For transgressions real or imagined.

This girl is apparently being beaten by her father for downloading music files on the internet.
She's 16.
Note how many times daddy uses some form of the word "fuck."
And I'm from Chicago where "fuck" is the city motto.

Note also the parents' demand that this girl meekly submit to being punished.
Remind you of anything?
How about the commands of police officers making an arrest that is, in itself, unlawful?
Absolute submission to authority, whether that authority is right or wrong.
Teach your children well.

To hell with that.
No wonder the country is in the toilet.

But I saved the best for last.
That cowardly sonovabitch swinging the belt IS A JUDGE!!!!
Judge William Adams of Texas.
And the kicker?

He reportedly oversees CHILD ABUSE CASES!


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Jack Rabbit said...

Yeah I hate bullies too. I was sent to school a year early - that didn't help. Or maybe it made me fight harder -

I remember once a bully was pushing me around in a playground - then all of a sudden - my neighbor, who went to the same school, and happened to be around, and was bigger than the bully messing with me, came over and fucked the bully up - then gave the bully a warning never to mess with me again - or else!

Danny was a great guy. I'll never forget him for that. I felt like I should have been able to take care of myself - but - really - there was no way.

It really is time for the good guys, the "Danny's" out there to start standing up for those who can't, for whatever reason defend themselves from the scum.

Self-defense is a right. Anyone in law enforcement - judge or whatever - has no grounds to stand on - telling anyone they did something wrong by using violence to defend someone - or themselves.

This judge needs to take a vacation. But I'm afraid lawyers usually stick together.

I don't like grouping them into a universal body to be ridiculed - but since they don't police themselves ...