Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What Country IS This????

For a couple of hundred years, countless good and decent people have given their blood, sweat tears to make America fulfill its promise of liberty and justice for all.
Trying to make those lofty words something real, something more than legalese gibberish scratched on parchment.
Something worth believing in.
Living for.
Even dying for.

But our country has been progressively taken over by a small minority of corrupt, greedy and power-obsessed psychopaths. It didn't happen over-night. This fight has been going on since the beginning.

Today, the America of myth and legend, the beacon of freedom and hope to the world, is dead.

Whether we can make it be reborn and rise from the ashes, remains to be seen.
One thing for certain.
There's only one other option:
To remain forever a slave.


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