Monday, January 2, 2012

Music, Music, Music....

Just finished a handful of new songs recently:

Color Blind - a dark tango, ode to a lady psychopath I once knew
There'd Be Some Changes Made - 1950's style Rockabilly protest song (check out the piano solo!)
Spanish Wine - dreamy, easy-listening "chanson de geste" with a touch of calypso
You Out-Played Me - uptempo jazz
On Wall Street - A political parody of the 60's Drifters classic "On Broadway"

You can listen to these tunes on and also on facebook (look for the Spartacus Jones band page). Also on jango airplay if you're a subscriber. If you dig any of them, they're all available on CDbaby for a buck apiece.

I'm working on putting them up her on ye olde blogge,too, but apparently, anything after the longbow is too high-tech for me. Working on it.....

Meanwhile, if you're willing to do the internet gymnastics to give a listen, I'd be very grateful for any comments -- especially if you like them. :)



1 comment:

Lori Skoog said...

I will check them out.