Saturday, January 14, 2012

Welcome to "Homeland" USA

The first time I heard Dubya use the term "homeland," a I got queasy feeling in my stomach.
I grew up calling it "national security."
That's fair: The United States is Americans' nation.
But it's not Americans' "homeland."
Americans don't have a "homeland."
That is, they have many different "homelands," not one common one.

So this change from "nation" to "homeland" just made my skin crawl with a foreboding deja vu.
It was such a "nazi" figure of speech.
And the Bush family is not without connections to the nazis.

And now there's Obama.

I didn't even think it was possible for someone to be worse than Bush.
But Obama has proved me wrong.
He has taken Bush's fledgling fascist policies and enhanced them to truly Hitlerian proportions.
And I am not engaging in hyperbole.


1. The President alone now decides whether you will be imprisoned, tortured or killed.

2. You have no right of habeus corpus. In fact, you have no rights at all.
You will not be arraigned before a judge, you will not have access to a lawyer, you will not have a speedy trial by a jury of your peers. You will simply disappear.

3. The President alone decides when, where and how to use the military. He claims the authority to attack anyone, anywhere, for any reason -- "pre-emptively."

4. The military and the police are completely indistinguishable. "Homeland" Security & the CIA -- the new Gestapo -- coordinate nationwide "policing" efforts against dissidents. Law enforcement officers will be above the law, respond to the slightest infraction with lethal force and will do so with complete impunity.

5. You must now allow yourself to be searched on demand by any "law enforcement officer" of any kind, on demand. You can't get on a plane, and soon, not a train or a bus -- without submitting to a search. Your phone and email conversations will be monitored. Everything you buy, or read will be recorded. Everyplace you go will be under surveillance. You have no right to privacy.

That's not "the land of the free."
That's Nazi Germany.


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