Sunday, October 21, 2012

Help if you Can.

                    PLEASE JOIN “TEAM SIRI”:  A FUNDRAISER

Rainbow Meadows recently received a call from a local undersheriff that a young horse had been abandoned, wandering alone and lost for a week.   Siri’s story is the sad reality of abandonment, neglect and illness.  

Please join "Team Siri" by giving your love and funds to a young filly that has suffered greatly from man's injustices.  Quiet and gentle in attitude, this young Thoroughbred or Appendix Quarter Horse is in urgent need of surgery to remove an extremely large hernia.  Our vet has sent Siri's medical information to a surgeon at an equine specialty clinic.  We have received his response and a pre-surgical examination and surgery will be scheduled for the near future. The large hernia can be seen protruding from Siri's abdomen.
A hernia results from the protrusion of an organ and/or tissue through an abnormal opening.” In Siri’s case, it is likely composed of skin, subcutaneous tissue and intestines.  It is also hugely apparent on her abdomen, painful and has been present her entire life.  At this point, the surgery is serious but Siri can’t continue without it.

Please help Siri with your prayers, love and donations (no amount is too small and all will add up to change Siri’s life which up to her rescue has been a life pain and loss.) Our fundraising goal is $2500 and all donations will go directly to Siri’s surgery and/or continued medical and wellness care.   As a love offering to you, Rainbow Meadows will send donors of $50 - $99 a beautifully hand-crafted horse note card (suitable for a Valentine’s message to a loved one.)  Donations of $100 or more will receive a lovely glass heart.  Following her surgery, a drawing will be held for “Siri’s Victory Heart”—an artisan crafted heart shaped pendent made of horseshoe nails (with a leather cord).  All donors will be eligible to win this unique pendant in tribute to a horse whose name means “beautiful victory”.  PLEASE INDICATE YOUR DONATION IS “FOR SIRI.”   Donations can be made through PayPal or by sending a check to Rainbow Meadows.

The pictures below are representative of the cards and glass heart pendants (the cards vary slightly and the hearts are of various colors and designs.)  A picture of “Siri’s Victory Heart” is also attached.

We thank all of you for your hearts of pure love.  Team Siri, we will keep you updated on her journey.

To donate, go to:

Please specify your donation is for Siri.

Rainbow Meadows is a 501 (c)(3) IRS recognized charity and GFAS verified facility.


Lori Skoog said...

Can you tell me more about Siri? How old is she? How big? What will happen to her after the surgery?

HOpe all is well with you.


CG said...

Poor baby! She really has a TB face to me. I'm heading over to check out Rainbow Meadows website,as I'm not familiar with them, and will try to send a small donation. Please keep us updated on her progress if you can!