Friday, April 1, 2011

Lies, lies and more Lies...

Obama-scam, the ultimate bait-and-switch, may be the biggest "big con" in history.
It's Bush 2.o.

Illegal wiretaps, and spying, brazen 4th amendment violations by the TSA, cops who now shoot first and ask questions never.

The EPA says you're in no danger from radioactive vomitus from Japan -- and redefines "dangerous." This is the same EPA that told responders working at 911's ground zero that the air was perfectly safe to breathe -- the responders who are now dying in batches from cancer.

There's the SCOTUS anointing corporations with all the rights of actual human beings -- but none of the responsibilities.

And, of course, Walker in Wisconsin, and other neo-fascists in other states doing their union-busting best to return us all to feudal-type slavery.

The question is no longer whether you're paranoid.
The question is whether you're paranoid enough.


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