Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mask of Sanity

Finished a couple new tunes in the studio recently.
If I can figure out how to get an MP3 up here, I'll post them so you can give a listen.
That may be a big "if."
New tricks. Old dog.

One tune is a tango I wrote about a textbook-perfect psychopath I encountered -- and the after-shocks from that don't appear to be finished, even now.
It's called "COLOR BLIND."

She’s the center of her world

She’s her one and only love

She’s only one who’s on her mind

No rainbow of deep emotions but

Shallow shades of grey

You could say her heart is color-blind.

She’ll smile at you so brightly

As long as you obey

Her every wish and whim and

Make sure she gets her way

If you watch her closely

She slips from time to time

Look behind her mask and you will find

She’s callously indifferent

Remorselessness defined

And she can’t change: her heart is color blind

You’re just another ant she steps on

Strolling down the street

Never giving any thought to

What’s beneath her feet

And when her lying hurts you

The fault must all be yours

She’s convinced she’s flawless and divine

She’s callously indifferent, remorselessness defined

And she can’t change-- her heart is color blind.

Her mask of sanity

hides inhumanity

deadly and depraved

She can’t be saved;

her heart is color blind

Stay out of her way

or the price you will pay

is more than you can bear

No conscience there;

her heart is color blind...

You can catch a short sample of this one at:


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