Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Want the Truth!

Nearly 3000 people died.
343 firefighters.

We owe it to them -- and to ourselves-- to determine who was responsible for this arson/mass murder and bring them to justice.

The obliteration of America, the shredding of the Bill of Rights, the War on Iraq, the War on Afghanistan, The Patriot Act, spying, torture assassination -- all of it has been predicated upon this one event.

This is THE issue fundamental to the future of America.
Not the economy.
Not the environment.
Because we won't be able to fix ANY of those problems unless and until we fix this one.


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geo1671 said...

Just wait a minute here! remebder Bush with the Blow horn and fire fighter hugging? Mayor Jiulania has alot to answer. Over 345 fire fighters lost their lives. While smart guys,where was the Unions in all of this cover-up? How about now? Where are the law suits againist the Mayor and Bloomburg?
Ever questioned why a multi Billionair Zionist would waste his time as a Mayor of NY?--It don't take much brown matter--he is making sure no connection to }srael operatives. Its's almost 10 years,well job done Jiulania--even if their is a meanfull investigation--the media will switch gears to pandas ot climate change :^/